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Gwendy Lawrence

Gwendy Lawrence

ND Naturopath and Allergy Advisor

Gwendy studied at the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies, graduating with an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy in 2004. She is a fellow of the Australian Natural Therapists Association. Her passion for treating allergies and food intolerances comes from her personal experience. She raised three boys who have suffered with both conditions and has successfully treated them through Naturopathy.

Gwendy enjoys all aspects of naturopathic practice but has a special interest in allergy treatment, food intolerance and organic skin care. She is the founder of Purity Organics which has a wide range of skin care products made with only the finest organic ingredients. Her products are carefully crafted and are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins. Purity Organics are available for purchase through Centro Health where our clients enjoy a 10% discount.

Gwendy believes that with proper assessment, monitoring and coaching, the body mechanisms can be shifted into optimal functioning.

Gwendy is here to support your needs through her understanding and knowledge in her field.

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