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Testing for Allergies and Intolerances

Testing Options

IP – 100 Testing 
• Provides an individual analysis of the 90 most important foodstuffs. You will receive detailed documentation of our findings
• An individual book of findings that lists those of the 90 foodstuffs to which IgG antibodies have been detected

• A patient manual that provides you with background information and many hints and aids for a successful change in diet

IP – 300 Testing
The IP 300 is the most comprehensive IgG test available, covering 270 foods. Tests that cover only 90 foods may miss the foods that are causing you problems. It is an easy, fast method of pinpointing exactly which foods are causing a reaction. This way, you have a clear guideline to begin eliminating only those foods that are causing your symptoms, rather than having to maintain a strict diet that eliminates entire food groups.
• Provides a detailed analysis of your reaction to 270 common problem foods.
• Includes meats, vegetables, dairy, fruits, spices, thickening agents and preservatives.
• A detailed test report to all 270 foodstuffs highlighting the level of intolerance to each of the trigger foods.
• A personalised Food Rotation Plan and Manual based on your test results.
• A customised recipe book to help you avoid problem foods, without sacrificing enjoyment and variety in your diet.