About Me

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Why is my business called “George & Gina”? You’re not the first to ask!
Georgina is my middle name so in essence George & Gina is all me.

I have 17 years of industry experience backed up by a Degree in Fine Art and Lifestyle Photography.

During my Graphic Designe career I have worked in branding, print and the fashion industry. After enjoying a fabulous career with Roxy, Quiksilver, Billabong and as head designer for DC Shoes in South Africa I started George & Gina.

Since incorporating illustration and mural painting into my business I have had the absolute privilege of working with some of the finest Western Australia has to offer, to name a few:
The Perth U.S Consulate
Water Corporation
Development WA
Yagan Square
Western Power
WA Women’s Hall Of Fame etc

With 10 years of business experience behind me, not only do I bring professionalism to projects but an in-depth understanding of brand guidelines, file requirements for the print production process, and an even stronger understanding of the importance of budgets and deadlines to a project.As well as enough experience to relax, enjoy the process and have fun with the project.

I specialise in illustration for the commercial space, and also love illustrating for the children’s market, editorial and advertising. I easily transition from direct to client work to being under ad agency art direction. My style reflects my graphic design/fashion background, with carefully thought out shapes and composition and bright colour palettes.

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